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Whether it’s a splash of green on your desk at work or a colorful piece next to your favorite chair at home, make your space, truly, a living space with Greenery Designs.
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Looking for a fresh, green gift at a discount? Check out our Deal of the Day for all your pre-planned and last-minute purchasing needs.
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Plant Advice

One person’s succulent is another person’s Monstera Deliciosa—so let’s help you discover which plants are right for you. Email [email protected] or follow us on Facebook!

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Timeless Planters

Some of the newest, most sustainable planters on the market that don’t just promise long-lasting durability, but long-lasting style, too.
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Hands-On Support

With over thirty-two years of plantscaping experience, and a lifetime of passion in getting people what they need, our team isn’t just going to stop by and water—we’ll help you grow, every step of the way.
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Pots + Planters

It’s not just about finding a planter that just looks good—it’s about finding a planter that works, for you, and with you. Take a look at our collection to find some of the best sustainable and modern-chic planters on the market.

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