About Us

About Us

We are passionate about bringing


Into Your Life

In 1989, Greenery Designs wasn’t much more than a young woman—a mother of two and an advertising writer to boot—who wanted to keep a girlhood passion for plants alive in the form of a small side-business.

A little over thirty years later, the business continues, and the passion hasn’t faded. Greenery Designs is committed not only to plantscaping, but to its community, how it can give back to clients and neighbors who support it, and most importantly, a local tradition and focus whose roots run deep.


Why choose us

We bring the best of both business and passion together.

With thirty years experience in both plantscaping and advertising, Greenery Designs isn’t just familiar with whether or not a fiddle-leaf fig or a Devil’s Ivy would look best by the office nook—we’re also committed to growing long-lasting, fruitful relationships with clients that could last a lifetime. We see what you’re trying to accomplish, and we’d like to lend a hand and a couple greenthumbs to give you a boost.

All the guidance

It’s not just watering the plant and walking away.   It’s saying, “Hey, how are you?”

We at Greenery Designs want to foster genuine relationships with our clients. Think of us as an extension of your business—we’re here to help be a positive influence, and that means doing whatever we can to help you succeed. Whether it’s exterior design consultation or tips for keeping your live walls healthy and green, we’re here for you.