Earth Cube – Gloss



Additional Information

All Earth planters offer 30% lower fossil fuel content than normal fiberglass products. Earth Cubes are available to hold grow pots from 4″ to 30″. Combine Earth Cubes with Earth Walls, and Earth Tall Squares to create stunning displays of plants and planters. Earth Cubes are available in 7 sizes with over 30 finishes.

Earth Cube Sizing Chart

ETHC-06066″W x 6″H for 4″ Grow Pots
ETHC-08088″W x 8″H for 6″ Grow Pots
ETHC-121212″W x 12″H for 10″ Grow Pots
ETHC-18181818″W x 18″H for 14″ Grow Pots
ETHC-24242424″W x 24″H for 17″/21″ Grow Pots
ETHC-30303030″W x 30″H for 24″ Grow Pots
ETHC-36363636″W x 36″H for 30″ Grow Pots