Tier 1 Round – Gloss



Additional Information

Tier Planters are a collection of versatile containers and stands in some stunning round and square shapes. Cluster the Tier Round Planters at three different heights. Tier 1 Round and Round Bowl serve beautifully as floor planters. Add height with the elegant metal stands offered with Tier 2 Round, Round Bowl or the Tier 3 Round Bowl. Tier containers will hold grow pots ranging from 6″ through 30″. Choose from over 30 colors and finishes. Download our Colors And Finishes Chart for reference.

Tier 1 Round Sizing Chart

T1R-09099.3″W x 9.1″H for 6″ Grow Pots
T1R-121211.5″W x 11.3″ for 8″ Grow Pots
T1R-141414.5″W x 14.2″H for 10″ Grow Pots
T1R-161616.5″W x 16.2″ H for 12″ Grow Pots
T1R-181818.5W” x 18.2″H for 14″ Grow Pots
T1R-222222.5W” x 22.1″H for 17″ Grow Pots
T1R-282828″W x 27.5″H for 21″ Grow Pots
T1R-383838″W x 37.3″H for 30″ Grow Pots